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Musical Theatre Worldwide

Welcome to Musical Theatre Worldwide!

We have a small, but growing catalog of time-tested, stage-tested musicals for the youth and professional markets.

Whether you are looking for a great show for your school, or for your theatre of any variety, we've got some great new options.


Youth musicals

We are dedicated to bringing kids the most fun they can possibly have on stage.  Over the years we have worked tirelessly on our catalog of scripts and we are thrilled to share them with the rest of the world.

There are three ingredients in the recipe for a great musical for kids to perform (or watch):

  1. A Great Story! - Our musicals are based on classics of literature and timeless folktales. What this means is, the story has already been developed by well-known writers like, Mark Twain for example. We get the fun part of figuring out where to put the songs.

  2. A Proven Product! - Each show has been developed and workshopped at the Actors Garden. The shows have been performed multiple times, in multiple seasons, so we've had the chance to see what works, what doesn't, and to fix as we go.

  3. Fun! - One of the most frequent comments that we get is how much fun kids have doing our shows, and how funny the scripts are.


POTS AND PAN -  A wonderful and fun musical sequel to Peter pan.

JUST SO - A musical retelling of Kipling's Just So tales.

BECKY THATCHER - Mark Twain's classic Tom Sawyer, seen through Becky's eyes.

OFF TO OLYMPUS - Available by this summer, Off to Olympus is a brand new take on Greek Mythology, including Icarus, Diana, and your favorite Gods and Monsters.


GOOD KNIGHT - Best described as Twelfth Night meets Monty Python, this hilarious musical makes the Middle Ages fun for all ages. Available by fall 2018.

THE FLOWERING TREE - Based on the timeless, Cinderella-like folktale from India, the Flowering Tree will be available by winter 2019.


Professional Musicals

Our professional shows were commissioned and developed for Northern Sky Theatre, the only theatre in Northern America (or possibly anywhere) solely dedicated to the creation of new musicals.

These musicals were developed through a minimum two-year workshop process. 

In short, they are: 

  1. Award-winning

  2. Box-office-tested

  3. Audience-approved


MAIN-TRAVELLED ROADS - This show comes with a wonderful pedigree.  Based on the timeless tales of Hamlin Garland, our musical was featured at festivals around the Midwest before winning the prestigious Richard Rodgers Award for New Musicals.  After that, it premiered at Northern Sky Theatre, and has gone on to productions across the country including Milwaukee Chamber Theatre.  A small cast show with big stories, this polished gem of a musical is a great choice for a small theatre with a cast size of four.  It can also be performed by a cast of 10 or more if you are a college or community theatre looking to fill more roles.


NO BONES ABOUT IT - Two Smokehouses, both alike in dignity - that's the opening line of our show, and gives you a great idea about the ride you are in for.  No Bones About It sets Romeo and Juliet in the modern world of competitive barbecue. Complete with feuding families and food bloggers, your audiences will be thrilled to see who wins the duel between dry rub vs sauce.  (Spoiler alert - there's a bit of a twist at the end, nobody dies.)

New Shows! Great Shows! Your shows!