Pots and pan

There's a place called Neverland, and it's not far away...



The very first show written for the MTW catalog, Pots and Pan tells the next chapter of the boy who wouldn't grow up, Peter Pan.  At some point, he found his way across the ocean to the Neverland Amusement Park, just outside of Pittsburgh.  Although the park was closed long ago, legend has it that on nights where there is a still full moon, you can still hear the roller coasters and the carousel.  Join the Berry family as Peter takes them on an adventure to Neverland (via roller coaster car) where they meet mermaids, pirates, and yes, even the croc.

Pots and Pan is available for licensing!


Running Time: Approximately 1 hr, 25 minutes.  1 Intermission.

Ages: 3rd or 4th Grade and up (ages 8+)

Cast Size: 26 speaking roles, with the possibility of additional chorus members in the Lost Kids and Pirates.  Because heck, who doesn't want more pirates?

There is a fairly even mix of boys and girls.  Peter Pan can be played by someone of either gender.

Number of songs - 9

Cost: $400 for schools and camps which includes access to:

  1. Script*

  2. Piano/Vocal Score*

  3. Vocal Lead Sheets*

  4. Backing tracks for rehearsal and performance purposes if desired.

  5. Unlimited performances within a 2-week calendar period.

(* When you license a show, we give you access to PDF's of the show material, so you can print whatever is required for your production.  There are no scripts or scores to rent or buy.)

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Art Work! Licensing our shows include access to a poster and a logo file which you can customize for your production and use for flyers, posters, and T-Shirts.  Free of Charge!

Have a listen to the samples below.  If you want to hear more, we'll send you a link to the script and songs.