Just So

Before there was Mowgli, there were the Just So Tales.


Rudyard Kipling is most famous for The Jungle Book and the many variations it has had on the big and little screen but one of his most beloved works are the Just So Stories

These tales have been favorite bedtime reading for years and years.  In Just So, the cast and kids will rediscover how the Kangaroo got his long legs, why the cat walks alone, why the Rhino has such itchy skin, and of course, how the elephant got its trunk.

Just So is available for licensing!



Running Time: 70 minutes plus intermission

Note: This show is divided into individual story sections and one or more may be cut to reduce the length of the show.

Ages: 3rd grade and up. (ages 8+)

Cast Size: 25 speaking roles plus a flexible chorus size.  Almost all roles can be played by boys or girls.

Number of Songs:  9.

Cost: $400 for schools and camps which includes access to:

  1. Script*
  2. Piano/Vocal Score*
  3. Vocal Lead Sheets*
  4. Backing tracks for rehearsal and performance purposes if desired.
  5. Unlimited performances within a 2-week calendar period.

(* When you license a show, we give you access to PDF's of the show material, so you can print whatever is required for your production.  There are no scripts or scores to rent or buy.)

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Art Work! Licensing our shows include access to a poster and a logo file which you can customize for your production and use for flyers, posters, and T-Shirts.  Free of Charge!

Have a listen to the samples below.  If you want to hear more, we'll send you a link to the script and songs.