Off to Olympus

Icarus the Inventor.  Diana the Goddess. Gods, Monsters, and a Quest.  What could be better!



Icarus!  The Goddess Diana (also known as Artemis)! Gods, Oracles, Inventors, Medusa, the Minotaur, the list goes on and on and on.  

Greek Mythology has never been this much fun!  Off to Olympus is a rollicking re-imagining of Greek mythology where the inventor Icarus goes on his own quest in the mold of Hercules, or even Clash of the Titans.  A bit longer, this musical is a bit more suited for a bit older casts (middle-school and high school), but it is arguably the most fun you will ever have in musical theatre.

Off to Olympus is available for licensing!



Running Time: 90 minutes plus intermission

Ages: 7th/8th grade and up. (ages 11+)

Cast Size: 25 speaking roles plus a flexible chorus size. 

This show leans more toward girls on a ratio of about 3 to 1.

Number of Songs:  14 with some reprises.


Cost: $500 for schools and camps which includes access to:

  1. Script*

  2. Piano/Vocal Score*

  3. Vocal Lead Sheets*

  4. Backing tracks for rehearsal and performance purposes if desired.

  5. Unlimited performances within a 2-week calendar period.

(* When you license a show, we give you access to PDF's of the show material, so you can print whatever is required for your production.  There are no scripts or scores to rent or buy.)

The Songs!  Have a listen below for clips and a few full versions of the songs!  We're sure you will enjoy them and if you want to hear the whole thing and read the script, just request a perusal copy!