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At Marengo Publishing, our goal is to provide you with a great musical or script. 

With us just starting out, we fully realize that we will not be a one-stop shop for your needs.  

Below is a growing list of companies and websites that we love that also offer musicals or other theatrical resources.


beat by Beat press

This place is officially the bomb!  Founded by composer, Denver Casado, they offer a great selection of musicals for the school market (one, Tut, Tut! co-written by our own Dave Hudson).  

Their plays are the complete package, coming with materials, music tracks, and a ton of information.  They also have some shows aimed at a market a bit younger than Marengo Publishing, so if you are an elementary school teacher or middle school teacher, please jump on over there.  You'll love what you see!


Take a Ten

Andy Roninson is the orchestrator and producer of our show Off to Olympus!  Just listen to the tracks here and you'll have an idea of how talented this guy is.  A composer and music director in New York City, Andy is a man of many talents.

One of his amazing side projects is Take a Ten, a podcast that features a new ten minute musical every month. These tiny shows are wonderful, whimsical, and just plain fun!

Andy does all of the music, but they are also written with a variety of bookwriters and lyricists, so they are a fun mix of styles and stories.

Guess what?  They are also available for licensing!  Whether you are a high school looking for a fun twist for your one-act festival, or a theatre looking for a curtain-raiser, or just someone wanting to dip your toe into the world of doing a musical without too much stress, ALL of the Take a Ten musicals are available for licensing!

Also, the individual songs are available, too.  So, if you are looking for an audition song or cabaret song that they haven't heard a million times before, hop on over to Take a Ten and shoot Andy an email.

As mentioned, Take a Ten is also a podcast, so go to iTunes or your favorite podcast player, download, and subscribe.  It's a great way to spend your commute!


Alan gordon

Alan Gordon is the Kleban-Award-Winning bookwriter and lyricist from New York City.  A writer, lyricist, (oh, and also an attorney), his projects are far ranging and wonderful.  

Alan also wrote with the late Mark Sutton-Smith, the composer of Becky Thatcher and Off to Olympus from Musical Theatre Worldwide.

Head on over to Alan's site to learn more about his own musicals including Girl Detective and The Usual.

arrangements on e.JPG

Jim Farley

Jim is a terrific arranger and composer in his own right.  He did the arrangements and orchestrations for Becky Thatcher and Pots and Pan and also wrote the music for a fun little musical called The Problem with Shoes with Dave Hudson.  

Jim does arrangements, orchestrations, and pretty much anything musical.  He also co-hosts the podcast MusicalWorld.  Click on over to have a look at his many activities.

MusicalWorld Podcast Website.

Arrangements on E Website.